Teardown IKEA TRADFRI Driver for wireless control 603.426.61 (Intertec ICPSLC24-30NA)

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At first sight

The power supply is based on the MP023 chip. It is a one-cycle DC-DC controller created by Monolithic Power Systems in 2016.

Schematic: Input → filter → bridge rectifier  → flyback converter with rectifier working for the output C-filter.

From the converter output, the voltage comes to the PWM modulator unit based on the Silicon Labs EFR32 "Wireless Gecko" module.

Luminaires are connected to the modulator output via the output connector.

The marking on the power supply case: λ>0.8, and the coefficient value hints at a passive corrector.

The radio elements are assembled neatly. The circuit board has no electrical defects, and the connection quality is good everywhere.

Test results

• The pulsation value as a fraction means that the voltage has pronounced HF (numerator) and LF (denominator) components.

• The hottest component in the power supply is the output rectifier diode. The measurement is taken with the cover removed.

• The overcurrent protection is triggered at an output current of 1.3A, first limiting the current; then, when the voltage drops to 17 V, it goes into start-stop mode.

Output voltage pulsations

Slow sweep waveforms

Fast sweep waveforms


• This power supply has a high level of output voltage ripple. If it were not for the built-in wireless control module, this power supply would be trashed. BTW, if you want to reprogram the wireless control module, check out the articles here (in new tab) and here (in new tab).

• The element heating at full load and with the cover off is 154 F, which gives some reserve.

• This type of power supply cannot be paralleled for a load greater than the rated load of one of them.

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