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We have many years of experience in developing electronic devices for various customers. When we complete a non-standard task, we often explore new methods and ways to achieve the required result. By accumulating this knowledge, we create solutions to simplify the design and creation of devices. It's time to share some of our solutions with the community now.

Core team:

• 3 full-time hard/firmware engineers
• 15-30 years in product R&D and systems engineering
• full range of product development jobs:
- highlighting the problem
- transforming it into a task
- searching for possible solutions based on target parameters
- analysis and selection of the best option

Application and system programming:

• core team programming languages: C/C++, ASM
• compilers: C /C++ (CLI): GCC, IAR, SDCC, C++ Builder, Avocet C, Hi-Tech C
• IDE: SlickEdit, emacs, IAR Embedded Workbench, Multi-Edit, eclipse cdt, STM32CubeIDE, Atmel Start, Atmel Studio, NetBeans IDE, Qt Creator
• make, cmake, qmake, cvs, subversion, git, etc
• experience/projects:
- embedded programming z80, MCS-51, AVR, PIC, ARM (7, 9, Cortex), STM8
- RT-tasks under eCos
- eCos modules
- in-house RTOS for telecom equipment
- special Windows-NT services for own hardware
- BDOS/BIOS CP/M for Z80CPU hardware emulator
- desktop applications for Windows/Linux

Circuit engineering:

• analog: automation, data acquisition, measurements, sound, etc
• digital: from simple logic circuits to FPGA/MCU/PSoC
• power electronics: experience in DC/DC up to 600W
• experience: PSpice, VHDL, Verilog

Electronic devices R&D:

• PCB/PCBA TH/SMD/multilayer w/auto testing @ production cycle
• PCBA (bare and cased) thermal calculations
• calculation and design of pulse transformers and inductors
• 3D housing design
• experience: KiCAD, Altium Designer, FreeCAD, OpenSCAD, Fusion360
- wide spectrum of microcontrollers
- telecommunication equipment (about 1M subscribers in service)
- time measurement equipment for telecom
- hardware emulator with a signature analyzer

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